450 cards

60 of each Color (2 land, 2 Walkers, and 1 charm per color)
50 Artifact
80 Multicolor (8 per pair, 4 lands/man fixers each, 1 Walker)
15 Utility Lands
5 Wedge/5color/unique cards (Who/What/Where/When/Why for instance)

Power Scale

10 : Sol Ring, Recall, Time Walk, Black lotus, and Moxen
6-9: The power level I am looking for (aka. very very very high)


Red: (Agro)

??? as alternate resource) Cannot Block, direct damage, artifact destruction, land destruction
  • Keyword mechanics: Provoke, Flanking, Frenzy, Clash
  • Evergreen: Trample, Haste, First Strike, Double Strike
  • Access to "Destroy target artifact" and PW hate(through damage).

Green: (Agro, midrange)
Land as alternate resource , mana acceleration, manlands, land search, pump, big creatures, minor token theme

  • Keyword Mechanics: Retrace, Convoke, Undying, Kicker
  • Evergreen: trample, hexproof, reach, flash
  • Access to "Destroy target non-creature permanent" and "destroy target creature with flying" etc.

Blue: (Control)
Hand as alternate resource , counters, creature steal, redirection,  bounce, tapping, card draw, untapping, artifact manipulation.

  • Keyword Mechanics: Cycling, Scry, Storm, Fateseal
  • Evergreen: Shroud, Flying, Flash, Unblockable
  • Access to "Bounce target permanent" and "gain control" affects for artifacts and creatures. 

White: (Hybrid Agro/Control)
Permanents as alternate resource , Damage prevention, mass removal, graveyard hate, life gain, tokens, permanent focus, artifact and enchantment hate

  • Keyword Mechanics: Cascade, Absorb, Channel, Exalted
  • Evergreen: Flying, First Strike, Vigilance, Exile
  • Access to "Destroy target artifact or Enchantment" and Exile permanents

Black: (Hybrid Agro/Control)
life as alternate resource , Graveyard based, removal, tutors, creature kill, card draw, drain life effects, discard.

  • Keyword Mechanics: Flashback, Unearth, Wither, Gravestorm
  • Evergreen: Lifelink, Deathtouch, Flying, Intimidate
  • Access to "Destroy target creature" and "Sacrifice a creature"


  • Only real Keyword mechanics
  • Try not to make exact functional reprints if you can help it. Colorshifted to the proper color is ok.
  • No double faced cards or Flip cards, however Split cards are great!
  • Make the cards limited/constructed playable
  • create inter-color synergy
  • once we have color identity figured out, try to stay somewhat in that mold. 


  1. so...after a bit of discussion I think I am getting rid of protection from the cube.

  2. Hey Man, I loved the collection of custom alters you had. You used to have a public dropbox for it... what happened? I really want to get a hold of those again.